Performance Surf Coaching

Fine tune your style and perfect your surfing techniques with video analysis and Australia’s leading technical surfing coach.

Why choose us?

  • We specialise in all levels of surf coaching
  • We will maximise your surfing potential
  • We can fast-track your surfing progress through video analysis
  • We look closely at all aspects of your surfing
  • We can clean up bad habits
  • We fine-tune surfing postures & paddling techniques
  • Trust in the 30 years of coaching experience
  • We can guarantee results

Dave specialises in video analysis, allowing you to review your surfing instantly & continuously during the  1  1/2 hour surfing lesson. This allows us to correct unfavourable bio-mechanical habits and allows us to improve dramatically. Dave is experienced at picking up subtle flaws that other coaches can’t see. No one is more experienced in breaking down and analysing surfing techniques than Dave.

Your surf instructor Dave Davidson 

With over 40+ years in surfing and 30+ years in coaching Dave has lived and breathed surfing his whole life. He has competed at the highest levels and also been a professional free surfer being on the cover of many surf magazines.

His coaching accolades are just as high coaching everything from State level teams all the way through to National level coaching both the Australian team and Peru team where they won Gold at the 2011 I.S.A World Surfing Games. You can be assured you are learning from the best and trust you are in good hands!

Performance Surf Coaching